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I’m a huge fan of Daily Fantasy Nerd. I am a software developer by trade, love writing code that solves problems, and love baseball. My love for DFN started when I was creating my own DFS lineup optimizer and researching data sources, algorithms, fantasy point projections, and baseball metrics. I found DFN on Google, emailed back and forth with the guy that created it, and decided that there was no way that I wanted to spend time trying to compete when DFN was exactly what I was looking to create for myself. Less than $30 a month was giving me everything that I needed.

The projections are awesome, the amount of data that is shown on the user interface, the way complexity is distilled down to what I consider to be “intuitive and actionable” information is incredible. The placement and use of color to draw your attention to players that you should consider. Weather, Vegas, stadium information, community likes, include, exclude players, easily exclude games from your slate, in-season support for NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL, export lineups, stacking, etc. Daily Fantasy Nerd is an incredible tool.

On the technical side, I have never needed to access DFN and had it not be available. Uptime is awesome. No user interface bugs have given me any problems.

One downside is that there isn’t a native iOS or Android app, but I use the regular site from my phone and iPad all the time and never have any problems accessing the features.

You can select a date in the past to pull up actuals, as seen below:

Daily Fantasy Nerd

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